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Moiré bespoke

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Terzani design team will work with you to develop a Moiré design that fits your project including these options:

  • wire length
  • finish
  • size


A French term derived from silk with a rippled or “watered” appearance, moiré is an optical effect that results in the illusion of waves or the movement of water. This effect is achieved by having an opaque, ruled pattern overlaid over another. Designer Christian Lava’s studies of this effect have led to his latest design aptly titled, Moiré. Using overlapping grids of metal, this led pendant light dynamically changes shape following the viewer’s gaze, practically coming to life with a vibrating energy. Moiré is a mesmerizing addition to any room. Available in gold plated and nickel finish. Design Christian Lava.


  • meticulously welded by hand
  • 1950 welding points
  • sculptural
  • soft cast shadows
  • integrated led
  • can be shortened onsite
  • made in Italy

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