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Volver bespoke

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Terzani design team will work with you to develop a Volver design that fits your project including these options:

  • finish
  • size
  • chain arrangement


At Terzani, we are fortunate to work with some of the brightest young stars in italian design. For Volver, designer Diego Bassetti and architect Andrea Panzeri of Studio 14, protegés of Bruno Rainaldi, applied their multidisciplinary approach to create Terzani’s first led suspension light. This geometric design combines thin nickel chains with the latest in led technology to create a light that is both elegant and modern. A breath of new light, Volver melds technology and art to achieve a new level of luxury. Available in a circular variation. Design Studio 14.


  • icon of luxury design
  • meticulously assembled by hand
  • all brass structure and chain
  • miles of chain
  • sculptural 
  • organic feel
  • soft cast shadows
  • can be shortened onsite
  • made in Italy

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